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Amilyn r.

Hanover, Jamaica

Chaplaincy Certification 

I'm happy to be a part the Chaplaincy School/Class. Our Professor is just great at teaching and I have learnt so much already. This class has also taught me how to be a better child of God because all that is required of us as a Chaplain if we practice them, we will definitely be better in our Christian walk. I look forward to becoming trained and qualified. I can't wait to serve.

d.m. tikili, Ph.d

Lagos, Nigeria

Chaplaincy Certification 

I have been involved in the chaplaincy ministry for some years but going through the Emet Chaplaincy Training program has been such a great experience. 

The classes have opened my eyes to deeper knowledge of the needs of humanity and how to deal with the issues professionally.

I invite everyone to register today in Emet's Chaplaincy training program and experience knowledge that is life transforming. 

Sheryl g.

Georgia, USA

Chaplaincy Certification

The chaplaincy program with Professor Doctor Monica is very enlightening and informative. 

I really do look forward to the interactions and the learning content of each class.

Just a little testimony about joining EMET. When Dr. Monica and minister Cleve were talking about Emet, I surely said to them I was going to register but I struggled with the idea of being a student again. I couldn’t tell them that I didn’t want to be a student again as I loved them both like my own brother and sister. I thought if I told them that I would hurt their feelings. I was not at the right place at that time.  

I made a decision this year when the program was revived. The start was a bit shaky as I felt that all my life I have been reading and studying for an exam. I asked myself whether I really wanted to embark on another degree program? I hold 2 degrees already and I thought 'eish' another one for what? I continued listening to Dr Monica on CGRFM. The wealth of knowledge she has, inspired me. I teach women and the knowledge and wisdom I impart to these women is only through the Holy Ghost. I made a decision to register and acquire Truth. 

My belief system was a struggle and was messed up by Catholicism. Before I came across CGRFM, God had already started me on a journey that had caused me to be kicked and excommunicated from the Catholic Church, and even the Pentecostal church I had joined thought I was a rebellious believer and a trouble maker.  I was left in limbo. I only felt at home with my beliefs when I heard Dr. Monica in 2016 when I was in California visiting my niece. I saw that I was not crazy after all. I want to thank God today I am one of the EMET students. I am searching for the Truth by studying Bachelor of Theology. I want to know Who God is and also to be free from the catholic doctrine. 

Being in Catholicism is like being in a cult and at times I have to remind myself that I am no longer one of them so I shouldn’t be afraid to believe the Truth. I left a long time ago but imagine the memories are still lingering in my brain. I was damaged you know. But God found me and His grace is sufficient. I want to thank all the other students.  This journey is not easy but together we can do it. I want to see us all at the first graduation. Hallelujah may y’all be blessed.

spiwe cp.

Queensland, Australia

Bachelor of Theology

Julian A.

Toronto, Canada

Chaplaincy Certification

At Emet Seminary chaplaincy, classes are engaging and enlightening.  Our classes though virtual, are participative and has been a source of healing for us, helping us to face our crises and getting us ready to help others without judgement. Thank you Emet and our awesome Professor Dr. Monica!

Yvonne R.

Florida, USA

Chaplaincy Certification 

Being in the Chaplaincy class, I have been elevated in my spiritual life.  Chaplaincy has taught me discipline, how to show empathy and sympathy.

The interaction with the fellow chaplaincy students and our professor is awesome.

peter justus

Rivers State, Nigeria

Chaplaincy Certification

The Chaplaincy training program has opened my eyes  and understanding to reach out to people of different faiths in a more compassionate way than before. Above all that, it's absolutely necessary to be present to offer care and support to the distressed in a very challenging world of our time.

To God alone be the glory for this noble opportunity to train.

Jecoliah tikili

Rivers State, Nigeria

Chaplaincy Certification

It has always been my desire to reach people beyond the walls of the church and I don’t think I would have been able to achieve this if this opportunity did not come my way. 

The training program has been a great experience and has given me a broader perspective on life generally and insights on how to handle situations professionally.

I totally recommend EMET CHAPLAINCY TRAINING INSTITUTE for all your chaplaincy needs. 

jason s.

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Chaplaincy Certification

I am so elated and thankful to be given the opportunity to be a Chaplain.  At first I never thought that there were so many different types of Chaplains and the various duties that comes with Chaplaincy.  When in a crisis,  naturally,  the way of doing things may be difficult, and so in a time as this, all genuine help and support is necessary.

A lot of persons face this difficult time alone and depressed, so it is my aim to be there for persons facing a crisis, and to help even if its just to give a listening ear or to maintain a presence. The wealth of knowledge and information I have received have now placed me in a better position  to give proper counsel and referral to persons going through a crisis.  By doing this, I am doing Domestic Evangelism.

I thank Emet Global Theological Seminary and College for the training which was of a high standard.

lenora s.

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Chaplaincy Certification

I am currently pursuing the Chaplaincy program with Emet Global Theological Seminary and College Chaplains Training Institute. 

I have a love for helping others and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and this program has enriched me. I'm now more aware of the boundaries that should be maintained,  the do's and don'ts,  as well as the laws, principles and procedures that govern the life of a Chaplain. 

I'm excited about learning more and look forward to using the knowledge I have gained.

Stacy g.

New York, USA

Bachelor of Theology

I have an interest in Counseling so I am pursuing a Bachelor of Theology with Marriage and Family Concentration.  I like that I can learn at my own pace but since I am hoping to graduate by my birthday, I'm stepping up my game. 

I have passed all my tests so far so I am excited and encouraged to continue. 

Emet Global Theological Seminary and College offers intense and in depth training by credible, knowledgeable and enthused lecturers. The training has proven to be very instrumental and crucial in the career and work environment of a chaplain.  It delves deep into your imagination and thoughts, some of which may have invisible wounds resulting from trauma or adverse life events. This gives an avenue for realization, acceptance and subsequently bring healing to the individual/s. The lessons are loaded with invaluable information and are seen as eye-openers. 
If you're compassionate, enjoy working with the disenfranchised of society or seeking a spiritual career, then this could be the right path for you, serious thing!
Lunet CarbyChaplain (USA)A

claratine massicot

 Florida, USA

Chaplaincy Certification

I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Monica, first for CGRFM (Radio Ministry) and now Emet Global Theological Seminary and College. 

I decided to take the Chaplains class to help strengthen my journey with the Lord as I serve as a Caregiver in the health field. 

The classes have heighten my learning experience. As a Minister at The City Of Restoration here in Valrico, Florida, I have not been doing much, except ushering and at times, I pray or intercede.  I have always wanted to be a hidden nail in the wall but it is not what I want that is presenting itself to me in this season. 

This Chaplaincy Course is very interesting and  interactive.  Dr. Monica and my fellow classmates have prompted me to further my studies in becoming a Family Counselor. I ask that as we continue to study with Emet Seminary, that God himself will expand each one accordingly.