President's Biography


Ambassador | Chaplain | Apostle | Consultant 

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis in Kendal, Hanover, Jamaica, Monica Dennis-Jones gave her life to the Lord at the tender age of nine (9). Dr.  Monica (as she is affectionately called) obtained her primary level of education at the Kendal Primary school in Hanover; her secondary level of education at the Jose Marti High School in St. Catherine, Jamaica and her tertiary level of education at the Durham Business College in Kingston, Jamaica, where she pursued a course in Business Administration. She advanced to Radio and Television Broadcasting Techniques which she studied at the Creative Production and Training Center in Kingston, Jamaica under the tutelage of Jamaican media personality, Fae Ellington, CD, OD.

Her talents in music and the arts were honed in the Wesleyan Holiness Church as well as the House of God (Hebrew Pentecostal) and the Church of God 7th Day in Jamaica, where she participated and gave leadership to the Children’s, Youth and Women’s Ministries over time. She was also an avid Choir Director and Praise Dance leader. Her gifts stretched beyond the boundaries of the church taking her to Jamaica’s first Religious Radio Station LOVE FM where she was the News Anchor/Presenter before migrating to the USA.

After hosting multiple radio programs and presenting newscasts in the USA, Dr. Monica started her own Radio Station. Today, she is the C.E.O of Caribbean Gospel Radio FM serving over 14-million listeners globally.


Desiring to adequately equip herself for spiritual ministry and developing people, Dr. Monica pursued an Associate degree in theology at the School of Bible Theology, Seminary & University- Paterson, NJ; a Bachelors’ Degree in Theology at the International Theological Seminary of California – (Brooklyn, NY Campus); a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling at the Andersonville Theological Seminary – Georgia and a Doctoral Degree in Theology for which she was conferred the highest level of recognition, Suma Cum Laude. In addition to her Ph.D, Dr.  Monica also holds the degree of Doctor of Education, (Ed.D) from Newburgh Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana, a Doctor of Divinity and an honorary Professor Award from One Way International Theological Seminary, Kingston, Jamaica. 


Dr. Monica is a most sought-after Emcee (M.C) due to her unique humorous emceeing skills which demonstrate her contagious laughter and infectious worship. This unique emceeing talent has taken her to numerous places including Jamaica, The British Virgin Islands (BVI), The Cayman Islands and various cities across the United States of America. Her voice can also be heard on Promotional Advertising, aired on Radio and Social media platforms across the globe. 


After the passing of her only brother in 2019, Dr. Monica founded Global Chaplains Alliance (GCA) to provide help to chaplains globally, in their time of desperation and grief. She is the CEO of the Alliance and founder of Global Chaplains Day.


As General of GCA, she oversees Chaplains in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Australia, the British Virgin Islands, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Canada and Jamaica. As it stands today, Global Chaplains Alliance is rapidly growing and spreading into other countries. 


Dr. Monica is the founder and President of Emet Global Theological Seminary and College. Although based in Georgia, USA, EMET has a worldwide student body. Due to her effective and unique teaching techniques, she was awarded the honor of Professor, honoris causa.


Dr. Monica is the recipient of the U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from U.S. President Joseph R. Biden. This award was presented to her in December 2021. On the First of April 2023, she was appointed as Her Excellency Reverend Dr. Monica Dennis-Jones, CDSE, Commander of the Most Distinguished Order Special Envoys, Ambassador; Specialist in the field of Education.  She serves as a Peace Ambassador to the United Nations under WOLMI.  She is a certified Human Rights Consultant as well as a certified Protocol and Etiquette Consultant, trained with the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR) in Washington DC. 

She is a worshiper who lives in the fear of the Lord, a talented leader, coach, organizer, and a no-nonsense individual who is passionate about family, especially her children, Kennedy and Kendra. As one who bears the distinguished mark of excellence, she is a firm believer in developing and celebrating people’s talents. 


Dr. Monica Dennis-Jones who serves as an Evangelist and an independently Licensed Pastor was anointed an Apostle in April 2023.  She is a Seminary Instructor, a wedding officiant, an avid Student of the Word, and an  Author. 


Her motto is, “I determine who I will be today. Since it is my choice, I choose to be my best, give my best and do my best.”